Thailand's Original

Cannabis Infusion

Cha – Thai word for tea, cha is also Mandarin for tea, Yum Cha, literally translated as ‘drink tea’ 

Nabis – Our homage to the Cannabis plant

Local ingredients


Blending fine local ingredients and premium high quality CBD cannabis, Chanabis is set to be a staple for the health conscious across Asia.

Why Us.

The Chanabis
story so far

Chanabis is a husband and wife team creating, small batch, health related cannabis products.

Chanabis infusion tea is our flag ship product, combining premium CBD cannabis with traditional herbal ingredients. 


Chanabis stands out from other cannabis teas

Feel the difference

Chanabis teas create a sense of calm, not a high, you know, a small sense of being present. Sip, breathe, enjoy the moment.

Available across Thailand

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